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Friday, 2 December 2011

Sisters Shadow Box

This is a photo of My Nana and her Sister, They are both still going strong and well at 91 and 89 years young!!! - Now since my Nan doesnt have a computer I can put this up AND tell you its for her Christmas Present.

I love Shadow Boxes and Jennifer from Dusty Attic
did a 6x6 one - DA0683 (I think to just stop me from nagging her LOL) - She has already got an 8x8 and a 12x12 one so all that was missing was the small one right ?!?!?!?
She also did this amazing Garden Tile Frame set that can go with it !!! - and yep she did the tile frame in the bigger sizes as well because she is awesome like that really !!!

I know I said I would be back with a layout of Kyden - Sorry - I will do that one soon ... BUT hey
TWO blogposts in TWO days !!!! OhMyGawd... ring Ripleys Hahahaha

Wishing everyone a terrific and happy weekend

Jen xox