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Friday, 3 December 2010

Moving on ..... and more ....

Hiya everyone {waving} - time to update..... ready - this is a long one! - I have some news, some Dusty goodness and as I said in my last post a Pic of my 90 year old Nan's party ........ get set - GO.....

You might have been able to tell from the website, blog and newsletters that I am no longer a part of the Scraptivate teachers or design team. This has been totally my choice and is not reflection to any of the staff or the shop - I totally love the Scraptivate store, Mel, Kelsey, Mandy and all the other girls ... I would love to thank Natalie for having me as part of her team the last few years and allowing me to teach, create and even go on a plane trip to Sydney. I have left for a few personal reasons - mainly because I am not spending any time with my boys. Anthony also works two jobs during the week and as I work full time and working on the weekends - well you can imagine - we never really saw each other ! - It wont be long until they are ALL leaving the nest as well. So I am taking a few months off and regrouping myself. Stay tuned though because I have lots of new plans for the new year ---- WATCH THIS SPACE ---- LOL .....

I am totally in love with Dusty Attic designs!
You should all the new stuff that is coming out ... oh wait I have some below LOL
The New Large Doilies (pack of 2) - There are also some awesome little ones Mmmmm!!

And I made them into a pin cushion / spool. The Create word is of corse from Dusty as well ....

The new Birdhouse kit (totally awesome)

and mine finished - the front

The side (and roof) - I have used the new "corners" pack on the edges

The back - Loving this paper range !!!

A close up of the front - I have used the new Botanical vines around the "front door"

I will be back soon with some pics of a necklace I made using the new Banner/Flag combo set.

And this is my beautiful Nana - 90 Years young xox I love you Nan xox

Nan - with her brother and Sister

Nan with her kids - Uncle Bob (YES Bob is MY Uncle LOL) - My MUM and Aunty Shirl -(RIP Uncle Ron - he would have been looking down on Nan that day)

Nan with most of her Grand kids - My bro had to leave and there are 2 others missing - So there should be 9 of us altogether

Nan with her GREAT Grandkids - again not all of them are there - 4 missing

How lucky are we all to have her still in our lives

And I just have to add this one of ME and MY beautiful, Handsome, TALL boys

Have a wonderful weekend - create heaps - look after each other

Love Jen xoxox


Ev said...

Love your photos, esp of your Nan, she has amazingly clear eyes for her age - you will have her for a long time yet. I am glad you have done what you need to do and yes kids are only with us for such a short time we need to enjoy it.