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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Banners Be Gone ......

How is everyone? not long now until Christmas ! Our tree is still not up because all three of the boys want to put it up together and one is working this night and then another the next etc... Might be Sunday morning with some pan cakes for breaky I rekon.

I have made this Necklace using the Dusty Attic flags (banners) ...
I rekoned Evana was having a huge chuckle when her and Jen where doing the DT kits up for us all .... She knows I dont like banners or flags, they remind me of a used car yard for one ! - (as it turns out they are a product you love or hate)
HOWEVER - they were in my pack and I was using them !
Lightbulb moment went off in my head...... the result this necklace which I totally adore. I have even been stopped and asked where to buy one from !
The Banners/Flags ..... - I have used 5 of the flag type

My Necklace ....

So.... get some banners and make some Jewlery.

Mel and I went to the Inspired Crafts Christmas Crop with Mistra and Evana. Mmmm home cooked dinner and Christmas desserts and a door prize - It was a great night - the four of us were laughing and giggling like school girls and creating, it was great "food for the soul". It was exactly what I needed. So thank you girls it was awesome xox. Even though we were "distracting" each other I did mangae to do the "white with one" challenge = white with grey and masks ..... I will show the pic's in my next blog update - you should try it - harder than you think because all i wanted to do was add more colours hehehehe....

In the mean time, create heaps and keep laughing

Luv Jen xox


Amanda said...

This IS the hottest necklace that I have ever seen in my life. What i would do to have one like that ...Your a clever lady xoxo