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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Snow - snow - snow - snow -snnnnooowwww

Look how happy MY BOYS are...... This is the first time they have seen SNOW! - (hey - at least they not 42 and still not seen snow!)

I am so Happy they had a great time away with my Mum and Dad, and Mum and Dad had a great time with them.... this will be one trip that they will look back on and treasure forever

I am also happy because they took 678 photos - the whole week captured ready for Me to do something with LOL....

I love them very much and I love seeing them this happy xxxxxxx

J xxx


vicki said...

WOW ! looks like they had a blast jen!!
So glad u have them home all safe and sound!!

I got ur msg.. so i thought i would check on here and see what put :))

P.s love the seats!!! well done- ur soo talented!

Cath said...

So glad they all enjoyed themselves.xxxxx

Megan B said...

iWow, they all look soooooo grown up Jen. You must feel old now you are the "mum to 3 teenagers", lol!!! What a lovely memory for them all to carry with them. Here hoping they come to realise how blessed they are to have family that loves them as much as they do!!

Marcy said...

beautiful photos. Looks cold but fun!