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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Happy New Year (Financial)

Well I bet you thought I had dropped off the face of the earth.... you would nearly be right LOL..... It is the beginning of a new year (albeit the financial one). So I have decided a NY Resolution might be called for.... Loose Weight? Be nice to my kids? Save money? Well they all sound good but I thought just a simple one like... UPDATE MY BLOG ONCE A WEEK (at least once a week)....

So... I would like to start by telling you about Kelsey's birthday party we went to.... IT WAS FANTASTIC, we had such a great time and the "entertainment" arranged by Kelsey's hubby was excellent .... Here is a photo of us Scraptivate girls (except Natalie, she was sick) (Check out Kelseys blog for the rest of the photos)

DID YOU KNOW .... KAISER Q1 is now in stock????? Look here

I am totally inspired by the Loire Valley range and the new bird house OTP.... Needless to say I got the whole range.... The packaging is just great,
Now it comes in its own plastic zip lock sleeves which fit into folders.

ALSO.... there are chipboard alphas ( a fav of mine anyway ) and OMG the alpha stickers FIT STRAIGHT ON TOP ... (that is of course if you have it the right way around LOL - When I tried it my N was upside down and didnt fit Hahahah)
There are stamps for every collection and fabric shapes and brads etc etc etc....

Will upload a pic of the bird house when finished.....

Luv Jen xxx



Now you've made me feel guilty for not updating mine!

Davinia said...

I think it's an excellent NY resolution. No slacking off now. Just because you have a job and a family and there's only so many hours in day is no excuse at all. I'll be checking back often.