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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Collection Newbies

Oh I am in love with the new Collections stuff, Julie has bought out a great new range of chipboard and her new papers are devine... OMG you should see all the samples we have been working on. There are some pics coming up on this newsletter.... Check it out here at Scraptivate ..... there are going to be lots & lots of gorgeous classes as Stay tuned {lol} These are just 2 of them!

Happy April everyone, hope none of you fell for an April Fools Joke !!!

Luv J xxx

Oh I just had to share this magnet as well....



Yes I looked at them and they were great. I loved the chicks! Will have to pop down to grab a few, although God knows when I will get any time to scrap! I can dream. Well you have inspired me and now I have to update my blog. Have a great weekend! Luv ya.

Cath said...

mmm looks good Jen might just have to visit the