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Friday, 13 March 2009

Limited Viewing/Daughter-In-Law and Soft Wraps

These are sneek peaks of a class I am doing at SCRAPTIVATE.....
actually Kelsey likes the term "limited viewings"
Mmmmm... so it has branches

and swirls....

and one more peek..... an image.... It has lots of other things too,
I loved making this and I am sure you will love it too

ALSO I have a photo to share of my beautiful "daughter in law to be" LOL... Sharon and I have married Hannah and Andrew off together..... at least they will both have a mother in law they like and who love each other hahahaha..... wont they make beautiful grand children together ?????? - I just love her and she is so sweet and cuddly and loves to help out and has a beautiful soul (like her Mum - oh yeah and her Mum-In-Law to be !!!)

Also I bought from Sharon Manning two of her excellent soft wraps ...
I havent taken a photo of mine yet because I want to put some "stuff" in it first...
(Remember Sharon did our photo shoot that I have used the photos in everything because I love them so much...even in my header well that was a year ago now! - how time flys)

That is an excellent question - I will tell you why,

One is for me.... and the other one I bought as a gift for My Mum in law, she is going on a huge trip in the next few months and I thought this would be excellent for her to put her diary/tickets/brochers/ etc etc etc in AND it wont weigh much at all and being material it wont tear or fall apart on her..... Go check out Sharons blog and etsy store
and by the way, the black and white one on her blog was not in her etsy store, I emailed her and asked if she could do me two like hers, three days later they were done and in my hot little hands! EXCELLENT SERVICE

Ooooooo..... I went over a pinched a pic of hers LOL - still go and have a look what she has done on the inside....

Thanks for dropping by
Luv J xxx


Mistra Hoolahan said...

I have 2 as well... I couldn't help myself, had to have them! Now I just need Sharon to put stuff in them for me like she did hers!!

Your DIL is very beautiful... LOL!!

Char said...

oooh by the looks of your sneak peeks, your creation looks amazing. LOVE the colour you have used.xx

Cath said...

Just gorgeous Jen....xxxx
and so is your future daughter-in-(law you wish) xxx

Sharon Manning said...

:-) Glad you like them! Can't wait to see what you do with yours.
Sharon xo