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Thursday, 12 March 2009

How Bizarre

The things that you find while surfing the net.... The things that people make or buy for that matter... Take a look at this cushion!

It is a "Man Hug Me " cuddle pillow - LOL

Hahahaha - I thought this was really funny !

however I do really love this magnet ..... It is true with one of my children!

I will be back with a "limited viewing"to one of my classes coming up at Scraptivate and I love love love it !!!!

Luv J xxx


Dee said...

That pillow looks like it should be sitting next to the blow up doll that lives at the Adult Shop. Freaky! Was that you that pooped (that should read popped) by my blog t'other day? If so thanks, I do love Balcatta recycle place except for the Nazi Dump Lady that works there. She's scary!