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Friday, 6 March 2009

Happy Birthday/ Shutter and a winner

First I want to say a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHELLEY for tomorrow
I wont tell anyone how old you are honey but I am looking
forward to your 40th birthday party in 3 years xxx

(arent you proud I remembered the 7th not the 9th)


I have been having so much fun taking my photos for the Shutter blog
You should give it a go and follow along with us, you dont even have to post it, just email you photo to Mel and she adds them for you ....

Here are mine so far......

Week 1 - Reflection - Everyone need a bit of reflection time !

Week 2 - Illuminate - done at night with glow sticks - All of my boys Illuminate my life however this is the one that will still have photos taken LOL

Week 3 - Hand - what a perfect hand! - if only I had money on it LOL

Week 4 - Repetition - In our house BIKES rule!!! BMX bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, trick bikes any type of bikes (I am not looking forward to the ones that have motors in them!!!) So... repetition to me was the riding of the bikes and also how many we have of them!

Week 5 - Numbers
I know you have seen this shot but it was toooo funny not to post... you had to be there - boys! Three wheels, two riders, one bike!

Week 6 - Shadow - every feel like you cant get away from yourself? or you are racing with yourself for more time, more sleep, more hours in the day?
.... we never win that race!

Week 7 - Rough - I did not know what I was going to do for this photo at all - then on my way home from picking Steven up from work and going through road works, there on the side was a pile of dug up road - just left there - like it had never been usefull! - The Death of a road is my rough photo...

Week 8 - Music - well I got this pic from a purchase I made from a good sams sometime in the last three years - hahaha - It is a very very very old vinyl record keeper - yep complete with records! there are sleeves that they sit into and you can flip them like a book! - Nice!

Week 9 - Bizare - I had an awesome idea of covering my lips with hundreds and thousands (how many kisses I have piled on my kids) and black and whiting out the back ground etc... ( i got the idea from a chocolate advert )
I got the honey out, painted my lips with it then dipped them into a bag of H&T - I dont recomend this at all - I am a sweet tooth and it was even vile tasting to me!
the photo - Mmmmm not as good as i imagined...
Could not get it to work out in Photo shop (really need a tutorial day with Mistra!)
I have another photo - it is BIZARE and has my very SIKK sense of humour so if you dont "get"it that is ok with me ! LOL - You will have to wait until tonight for me to post that one!

Thanks for popping in and have a great weekend

Luv J xxx

Oh yeah and the winner of my 6000 post will just have to watch her letter box !!!
Now to get embroidering a bunch of flowers LOL !!!


Cath said...

Very impressive Jen!! Can I have a days extension on that LO as Rob kept me out all

Audrey said...

LMAO at your shutter pic,,,,, :0)

BTW I can't find the message in my inbox,,,, can you send it again,,,can't wait to see my embroidered flowers,,, LOL