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Thursday, 26 February 2009

6000 Counter

OMG - My counter Hit 6000 today ! - How excellent is that?
I think I might have to have a small giveaway !
Just leave me a comment and I will draw a name out next week and send you
something little made just by me.....
Luv J xxx



6000 well done. Hope your tooth feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

woohoo! So what did you create over the weekend? I am working on a haunted house at the moment for Reece's spooky birthday party in April. It's coming along nicely I just have to bear in mind not to make it Too spooky so I don't scare all the kids too much!lol
Have a great week!xx

Ceejay said...

Wow love your blog and your art!

kelsey said...

Congrats on your milestone Jen!!! No flowers on my prize please....hahahahahahaha

My knee is much better, thank you for asking. ;-)

Audrey said...

Hey Beautiful,, missing you. Oh you got to do FLOWERS on Kelsey's prize. LOL


Jenny said...

I was going to embroider her a whole rose garden LOL !!!

Miss you toooo Audz