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Thursday, 19 February 2009

I Lost my Post !?!?!?!

Good Morning.... I have lost my post that I did last night! - well I will just have to do it again LOL

It is Michaels orintation day today at Swan Tafe, he is nervous and excited at the same time - tomorrow is his first day of classes there - and next Thursday he starts work experience at Modern Cabinets in Wangara, now that will be interesting as he has to start at 7am! He is lucky to drag his teenage butt out of bed before at least quarter past on week days !

Steven is going well at school, he is in the top classes for the four main subjects and cracked it last week about all the homework he was getting - FROM ALL OF THEM!!!
He is ok now and calmed down into a routine, He also is doing well in Japanese, his teacher has asked him to draw a manga figure (he draws quite alot) on the wall and paint it in - so he is really really stoked with that!

Drew is being Drew and when asked if he likes high school he just shrugs and says
├┐eah its ok" so I think he is liking it! He has been good and doing his homework as well!

I might as well tell you about Anthony LOL... He has gone back to work after nearly 4 weeks off and has gone back to heaps and heaps of work that he needs to overtime for to catch up.... however he had a great time in Brisbane with Christian and Phil, He was up at the parklands the day before the horendous fires started and has a beatiful photo which looks like a postcard... and to think that is all gone now, my heart goes out to those families, and the poor wildlife.

and Me.... well IM EXCITED... we had a teachers meeting last night at Scraptivate and you should see all the classes that the girls have in store for everyone in the next few months - oh la la....... I have started a Mum's album all very girly and pretty just in time for Mothers day.... some limited viewings (as Kelsey says) coming soon,

I am off to Mistra's on Saturday night for a mamoth crop-a-thon from ... wait fot it....8pm to 8am - Ha hahha which is excellent for me as my mojo doesnt kick in until midnight! I am taking my camera as well, get some lovely shots of us all in out PJ's - I am so looking forward to it.

Until next time, take care, love lots, create heaps and be happy

Luv J xxx


Dee said...

Hi Jennny, wonderful news about teaching at Scraptivate. Keep your blog too. I might not leave a comment everytime but I visit often to see what you are up to. I'm a bit of a blurker!

Cath said...

Hey Jen I miss you lots to xxx I spent 8hrs in hospital yesterday on a drip another bloody abscess nice way to start my holidays ah???
Love ya Cath xxx

Sharon Manning said...

Great to hear some news about the men in your life Jen! I hope all is well with you and your world. Sharon xo

Anonymous said...

Ooohh a mums album, that sounds really nice! Can't wait to see it.
I hope you are feeling a little better today, glad to hear the family are all happy, Love Charx