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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

21 - AGAIN !

Thank you everyone for your lovely Birthday wishes, it is nice to have so many beautiful friends who think of me "MHAW"to all of you xxxx

I had an absolutley fantastic day! - I got a book and a Dexter Bobble Head from Anthony and the boys (dont know who was more excited about Dexter A or the boys LOL )
Mum and Dad (YEP MY DAD!) came and had lunch with me, more cards and some money and a voucher which is beggging me to buy the new David Cook CD ! OR do I wait until Adam Lambert wins Idol and then get his ?????? I know what your telling me to do Kelsey LOL !!! and to pinch her expression ..... This Man "is sex on a stick" oozzes out of him oh yeah he can also sing and entertain!

I have evidence that my boys actually do love their Mum! - even my big boy who actually wrote "Ï love you Mum" here is the prove (the front of the card is so true... mum,mum,mum,mum - but i'm thinking she doesnt look nearly enough haggered!

Nik came ova after tea and we sat out the back, and if you can believe this chattered and chattered and chattered, while I drank nearly 2 bottles of wine
until midnight/ish! (dont you love that ish bit???)
I have been doing lots of Collections stuff for Scraptivate..... - I pinched these images from the Newsletter (thanks Natalie xxx) - You can get ALL of Julies new Collection Elements from the shop or even on line!

K-BOTS KAISER PAPER !!!! - It took me days and days to cut out all of those cogs and robots BUT It was sooo worth it

Thanks for popping in

Will be back soon

Luv J xxx

PS ( I will be catching up this weekend on my SHUTTER photos, I have my sd card back now)


kelsey said...

Well I won't even GO there Jen!!! You already know what I think! lol

I'm sending you my favourite links to his stuff on youtube....crank up the volume girl!!!...I could say something disgusting here too about something else....but I won't! hahahahaha

Jenny said...

OH YEAH.... Like use a wrapped up towel in your underwear???

kelsey said...

Moi??? Never. ~insert evil grin here~

Cath said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday ya feel like some scones and cream????I do
miss ya luv ya xxxxxx

Sharon Manning said...

How low can these comments get! He is pretty damn sexy though and he's also my pick to win it. Glad you had a great birthday Jen - we are the same age for a bit!!!!!