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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Week end etc....

Hello, sorry I havent been back to post until now.

I had a wonderful week end, Friday night the Vikster came around and I scrapped (whaT I not we?) yeah she didnt feel like it but I was in the groove!

I did two Circle journals to be dropped off to Lisa (did this Monday) one was hints and tips - I did stamping, the other was 7 things you want to do before you die! Well I got a bit deep and meaningful (sorry Kim xx) the one thing I want is to be FREE - Free of debt, free of critism, free to travel, free I tell you FREE!!!

If you love Circle Journals (like I do)... then there is a new one starting in about a month on Sharon Mannings web site and she has a new chat room and is going to do a cyper crop soon (one thing I havent done yet so I am really looking forward to it) and of corse there is the ATC swap as well - go check it out xxx

Saturday was a lazy day to start with, I had a really good book that was really hard to put down - so why fight it - I didnt put it down and just read read read.. until the afternoon when Anthony and I went and did some shopping (no not groceries - he does that Saturday mornings) - We had a late lunch and shopped - very very nice.

I got a nice jacket and he bought my a DVD - American Gangster (dont know why I cant stand Russell Crowe LOL!!!) for those of you that know me know that I went to his concert when he was here 30 odd foot of grunt and NO it did NOT matter what he sang like..... oohhhhhh talking about singers DAVID COOK !!!! American Idol is the final this week 'sob' I wont be able to see him every week but hey think of the CD's when they come out LOL

Saturday night was interesting - cant really go into that on my blog - lets just say we had to go pick the boys up from their Dads place.

Sunday - OMG my first class at Scraptivate - what a great bunch of ladies, I had such a great time and some of them booked into my next class as well. It was so nice to walk into the room and the whole thing is set up ready (thanks Mel) and all the kits are done and look amazing (thanks Audrey) and I had my own table with bits and bobs I needed on it - and just teach! (So different to before) and there was coffee made for us half way inbetween and if you have done a class or crop already you know It is Cuppucinos all round, I took a cake with me (whipped it up on Sat night). Of course I did some shopping, even though I was there the week before there was SO MUCH NEW STUFF - (I would say New stuff gets delivered daily)- you should see the Tim Holtz Metal Cogs OMG I luv em - I had to buy TWO packets and the new Glimmer Mist colours mmmmmmmm Homer drool LOL

So that was my weekend......... this weeks plans

Finish off some ATC's and start a new canvas - (I hope)

OF CORSE - American Idol tomorrow and Thursday nights and FRIDAY night is crop night so I dont like my chances of doing any creating this week, maybe I should just pack my tote for Friday night and spend the next two nights drooooooling......

Have a great week everyone

Luv Jen xxx


Anonymous said...

I am so pleased your first class at Scraptivate was a success! Well done.
Sooo looking forward to seeing you on Friday.
Love Char xxx

Anonymous said...

hey jenny, just wanted to pop by and say 'hi' hope to meet you one day! ;) and teaching at scraptivate sure is a fun happening!!

Sharon Manning said...

YAY David Cook won! There is justice in the world....WOO HOOOOOOOOOIE!