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Wednesday, 14 May 2008


A quick update..... I am teaching a second class at Scraptivate on July 19th (Shannon's Birthday) at 9.15am and guess what I'm teaching ????

Yep - the Teresa Collins Journalling Tag Album from below (My Design Team project)

*** I'M SO EXCITED ***

I will be back to update hopefully this evening...

Luv Jen xxx



Congratulations Jen. You've done a great job on the book. Sorry I can't attend, but I really can't miss my own daughters 5th (oh my god!) birthday.

Cath said...

Well that does not surprise me one congrats Jen
Love Cath xx

Char said...

Well done Jen, I am so happy for you.
Can't wait to see it in real life.
It looks great from the pics below.
Have a great day ,
Love Char xxx

Sharon Manning said...

You go girl!!!!!!
It was good chatting to you yesterday. Take Care. Sharon xxx