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Friday, 23 May 2008

By 12 Million Votes......

OMG - I SQUEALED WITH DELIGHT THEN BURST INTO TEARS WHEN HIS NAME WAS READ OUT............. and he only won by 12 Million votes!!! LOL

SERIOUSLY DAVID COOKS - ROCKS - I Luv him (and if he eva tours here Natalie and I are going - FRONT ROW !!!)

Got crop tonight and I am so looking forward to it, tomorrow is a cleaning day at home and the boys are off to the Footy Sat night so I can scrap then, Sunday is lazy sleep in day then having coffee and scones in the Valley with Cath and Char... yum!
Somewhere in there I have to take my georgeous BUT smelly dog to get a wash LOL!

Have a great one
Luv Jen xxx