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Friday, 22 February 2008

Photo Shoot

We had our Photo shoot yesterday evening and it was great fun - even though by the end the boys were getting ratty and DREW was not co-operative at all! Not to mention that my brother had to work late and didnt make it at all! Thank you so much Sharon for your patience (I was getting upset - she wasnt in the least). Poor Sharon got a glimpse into the "BOY" world where I live LOL..... Michael wanted to wear his cap at first (which he ended up leaving home), Steven didnt really want to smile (just because he never does in photos!) and Drew to start with wanted to be in every photo - just not the ones we wanted him in! I was proud of myself - I only looked at the camera preview once - yes once. I am DYING to see them now, Sharon emailed me some last night just so I could have a quick look - and they look great! If you want to get hold of Sharon for your own photo shoot, just email her through her web site SHARON MANNING .COM..... Thanks again Sharon and see you on Sunday xxxxxxx (oh and I will share some photos when I get them)


Char said...

Oh no, it's sad your brother couldn't make it. I bet the photos came out really nice.
I went out for the day with a mum from the school. We went to Ikea
( loved it! ) then got some lunch.
I miss all the girls, it's been too long!
I haven't even started packing yet, will do tonight. We are going to the beach for the day tomorrow.
See you in two sleeps!
Love you heaps, Love Char xx

Cath said...

I bet those photos are beautiful.
guess what Jen your tagged check out my blog and follow
luv Cath xxxxx

Sharon Manning said...

:-) Thanks Jen! Yes the photos were lovely and sorry to keep you waiting!

nikki bird said...

lol jen's sounds like ya had a great time i really want boy's all these things to look forward to lol love ya hope all is well