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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

New Hair Cut - and a Tear Jerker!!!

Looks just like the old hair cut!!! Ha ha ha it is heaps shorter and so much cooler, even though I have short hair it is so thick and heavy and hot!

Thanks Puds for taking my photo Darling pie xxx


This Movie is a must see - A Chick Flick indeed BUT a really good movie..... Talk about cry and cry and cry then laugh then cry then cry then laugh and guess who else is in it.....

(yes that is "Denny") Yummier and tattooed and muscly - just Yum - he just isn't in the movie enough though!!!


Cath said...

Looking pretty bloody good there girl....It looks great!!
The movie was great..just what we needed a good cry lol
luv Cath xx

nikki bird said...

hey there jenny chicky babe man your on fire with that new do. im a blogger now finally i just thought that id better keep an eye on you and my cheeky mummy dearest. love ya see ya mwa

Cath said...

I love the new template's soooo

Anonymous said...

Very very nice Jen!