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Thursday, 3 January 2008

How to embarass 3 boys

Take their photo at the train station!!! The boys and I went on the train today to Mandurah where my Aunty Vicki picked us up, took us to Dolphin Bay where met Uncle John and we had Fish 'n chips for lunch, THEN we went out on the boat around to look at all the wonderful houses they have, Of course this is a scrapbooking day - like hello! The boys got most upset when I took a photo of not only them BUT the Joondalup sign - MUM WE ARE NOT TOURISTS YOU KNOW!! LOL - like them getting upset is going to stop me, even on the way there on the train!

I took this photo of the sign BUT forgot the Mandurah one!

We're NOT tourists Mum !

Oh No.... how embarassing - a photo on the train!

Heaps happier, on the front of the boat!

I like my hair now that I blowdryed it myself.


Cath said...

Oh... Jen the boys will treasure that day when there older...what a fabulous mum your are!!
Great pics of the boys and you look wonderful the sparkle is back!!
Luv Cath xxxxx

Cath said...
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Cath said...

It's OK!! sorry that was me...I missed a word out ha..ha..ha
What I meant to say is your blog is looking and reading great!!
I am gunna have to find myself a nice quote like that.

Char said...

I am glad you had a great day Jen. Your boys are so awesome. Can't wait to see you guys tonight!