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Monday, 10 December 2007

A Week....

Well last week was a hectic one, I started a new job at Belmar foods until Christmas time and wow is it physical! I am in the packing section, lifting 6kg boxes all day and getting produce off the machines into roller crates. I start at 7.30 and finish anytime after 4pm (more like 5 actually) and besides quarter of an hour for morning tea and half hour for lunch we are on our feet all day. I was knackered all weekend and just recovering today and I'm back there for 4 days starting tomorrow PLUS i think I am coming down with Shelley and Charlene's cold - thanks girls just what I need LOL! actually girls I hope you are both feeling better xxx Friday night was the Christmas crop at The Scrapbook Shop, it was so nice to just sit and scrap and be a customer. Vik and I left abit early because I was sooooo tiered and aching from working - poor Vik, i think she was in a zone as well! Saturday I had a sleep in - Yay and Saturday arvo/evening Charlene, Brien, Reece, Cath and Rob came over for a BBQ (Shelley, Steve, Shannon and James were ALL sick and couldn't make it). We had a great night. My boys got "guitar hero 3" out so at the end of the night we were all playing that! Brien was really serious, crouching down in the strumming position (LOL - truth is the cord wasn't long enough to reach him!) but we thought he was really getting into the mood. Check out the photo of Michael and I on Cath's blog! Sunday was spent with my "Baby" at trampolining - it was his first competition! He and his Syncro partner did well. He was a bit nervous on the way there as well! Now he knows what goes on and what to do hopefully next year competitions wont be as scary for him.... and some pics......
Drew and his Syncro partner

Nervous on the way there

Waiting, waiting, waiting.......

Today was spent cleaning, getting my hair cut, getting my nails done and applying for more jobs!.... Tomorrow back to work, thanks for stopping by Luv Jen xxx


Cath said...

He does look a tad nervous and how cute does he look in the big
bow-tie did mum tie it??? LOL
I'm coming down with a bloody cold to.
Love ya Cath xxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great night Jen,Anthony and boys and also Cath and Rob. It was a lovely evening. I feel utterly exhausted today and still not feeling well. Sorry Jen and Cath if I passed it on to you!Have a great week xx