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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Lost the Plot!

What is wrong with people these days ??? The craft industry for me at the moment has lost the plot! A few weeks ago TWO of my friends and I ( see Girly Day Post )went to a few scrap book shops, had lunch and a coffee etc,,,,, just a nice day out together relaxing having fun! Well one of the store owners (who wasnt even there at the time) has decided that I was "spying" on them and that there were Five of us and we were trying to pretend we didnt know each other! wooooooooo...... GET A LIFE! I walked in with two of the ladies and there was a customer from Ellenbrook there THAT I WAS TALKING TO and her sister WHO I DONT KNOW! Dont make my day off with my friends anything more than what it was. We swarmed the store - Please get a grip! I, like everyone else can go shopping where ever when eva I please, IF you dont want mine and my friends money so be it!


Sharon Manning said...

Oh gosh some people are funny aren't they. You should be able to spend your money where ever and when ever you want to and it should be welcomed!
I have come across this attitude so often within the industry and I don't understand it one bit. You know what my mantra is...share your creative knowledge.
Chat soon! I promise.

Cath said...

Well said Jen....that woman is not going to upset us we had a wonderful day... and if she does not want our patronage well so be it!!

Your Storm Shopper friend
Cath xx

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Bravo!!! Yes it was a lovely day, it was a shame it was ruined by this! I agree with Sharon, share your creative knowledge! We were not spying, we are simply normal people with a passion for crafts and scrapbooking on a day out for shopping and inspiration! It is amazing how contrasting 2 shops can be. We were welcomed by a very lovely lady in one shop and the other...

vicki said...

well done Jen for speaking out- some people belong back in kindergarten dont they!!

Well i will see you tomo night.

Love you lots


Mistra said...

How ridiculous... some people! And it's not like you can't go online and "spy" on prices/stocks etc either {assuming they are online also}! Crazy... just makes all the other 'normal' people look even better doesn't it!
I'm with Sharon, share and help one another... only way the industry is going to survive against the 'big guys'.

Ev said...

I don't understand the attitude of these people, though it would be a pretty boring old life if there wasn't variety there doesn't need to be room for petty attitudes - you go spend your money where you want girl LOL