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Sunday, 2 December 2007

Christmas Tree Day

OOOhhhh I love putting up the Christmas tree and so do the boys.... I put the tree up ready for them to decorate.... there are only a few rules 1) the lights go on first 2) then the tinsel and 3) the decorations have to go around the whole tree not just the front..... I LOVE THAT THE BOYS WANT TO DECORATE THE TREE THEMSELVES - that is one of the little things that makes it feel more like Christmas... and they did a great job too...

Anthony and I did the last of the Christmas shopping yesterday so now we can spend a night wrapping them soon and then they can go under the tree ready for four weeks time!


Cath said...

Oh Jen how beautiful is that!!
and you so many rules lol..that's our Jen.
I have not stopped laughing since reading you comment on my blog.
Cath xx

Anonymous said...

That's what makes the memories special, is involving your kids in every way possible! Great decorating boys! Charlene xx