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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

RIP - Mainy

I hope people learn from your costly mistake Chris, I admire your strength of character as a wonderful footballer, commentator and all you did for charities and kids football. It is such a shame that you will be remembered by some as just a drug taker who OD'ed. As a Mum of three boys (Boys use drugs more that girls) the thought of them turning to drugs makes my blood run cold. I feel a deep sorrow that you had thought you had nowhere to turn when your life delt you a bad hand. I understand that hollow feeling of helplesness BUT there is always someone or something to help. I have told my boys that they can tell me anything and I will help them (i dont care how bad or what it is) IF I cant help I will find someone who can, perhaps as an adult you felt you should deal with stuff yourself! This is so Not true however.. May you Rest In Peace and look down and protect your children, Wife and loved ones.


Cath said...

Jen that made me cry...well said

We will miss you Mainy (RIP)

Julie said...

Jen I agree with you totally.
I have had first hand knowledge of what drugs can do to a family. I just thank god that my daughter and grandies got away from it (her ex a druggie no hoper) and is now safe at home with us.
It affected not just her but all of us. now she is safe
love popcornxo