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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

On theWeekend.....

Friday night was great fun, first Cath and I got weighed and Measured (not for our coffins!) but from Curves... drum rolls please ...... I not only lost 2.4kg BUT 15.5 cm's, yes true! 5 is just off my waist, yes now I actually have one LOL! And Cath did just as well loosing 9.5 cm's as well. (proud of you Cath xxx)

Then there was Friday night crop, which Popcorn (aka Julie) and Chrissy graced us with their lovely presence and Mistra, who I did not realize that she had only done Cyber crops before (man did she get an initiation!) Feral Friday was very Feral this week LOL.

Saturday we stayed at home and watched the dismal footy, then my Mum and Nan came over (which I have already posted!).

Sunday was a really nice slack day, the boys were doing their own thing, I was in my scrap room doing ATC's etc and Anthony was doing another Jig=Saw. Sunday night Christian and Phil came over for tea as they are leaving WA to move to Melbourne, My hubby is going to be very sad in a few days time.

Monday I did some more creating, then we went to the movies with the boys to see Rush Hour 3! it was really funny and I could hear the boys laughing and giggling as well which was good.
(Mind you half way through I felt horrible and just layed down when we got home)

Here are my ATC's that I did though,

September Yahoo group - Nudes

October Yahoo Group - Goddess

November Yahoo Group - Snowflakes (The caption reads "Martin loved to watch the snow... BUT only in winter!) It was kindly pointed out to me that ummm It only snows in winter (by a man!) so thanks for that! hahhahaha

This is a transparency ATC for Barb Thomas the Target artist this fortnight.

And these have been completed for awhile for a "bottle top magnet" swap.

Thank for calling in... Luv Jen xxx


Cath said...

Gorgeous usual

Julie said...

Hey there Jen
Love the goddess atc's especially the bubby one.
See you Fir night
Love Popcornxo