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Wednesday, 5 September 2007


This is it..... the last (BUT def not the least) son's birthday. Steven will be THIRTEEN tomorrow. Two teenagers out of three (only my baby to go.) I will have to hold Steven down tomorrow to give him a kiss (not a kissy kid!) Imagine his surprise when I'm going to plant 13 kisses on his cute little cheeks...... Happy Birthday my beautiful boy... I LOVE YOU very very very much xxx (bet you cant guess what one of his presents is)


Julie said...

Hey there Jen,
Just wait until they are all teenagers. Thats when you feel old babe.
Then when the grandies come along. Well there is no turning back HE HE,
Congrats to Stevie on his 13th.
Love ya popcornxo

Cath said...

LOL... I bet he can't wait till next year. 14 kisses to look forward to Stevie happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

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