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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Yes I have been doing "stuff"

Thanks Cath for taking these photos for me! I feel really lost without my camera, another few weeks and I should have a new one. I havent done any layouts but I have been doing stuff for the Yahoo group I belong to (it has a cool title - ATC Secret Society for Altered Artists)We all need decoder rings and long trench coats! LOL

Also I have been creating in some Circle Journals at Scrap'n crazy another On-line group I belong to which I will share in the next couple 'a' days!!!

This is for an art theme for a target artist (arty animals)

This is for a "stocking" art challenge - like what on earth do you do with a stocking? I tried to heat one thinking it may just melt onto a project (like fusible webbing) but NO it just makes a really big hole in it LOL!!! (well I have learnt something havent I?)

This is for another "Target artist" bet you cant guess the theme is Time!
You cant really tell but this is quite 3Dish with acetate wings etc on the middle clock.......

On other news, I have posted off my Masters entries (and it has been received) So now I just have to wait! Oh My God this is just so not my forte - wait LOL .....maybe that is why my dear darling sons of mine are NOT patient, they have no one to learn patience from! I actually have re-named the three of them to - I want - Give Me and Right now! anyway will catch up soon, thanks for popping in ... Luv Jen xxx


ATCLindaB said...

wowo woman you have been busy...glad to see my themes are providing somebody with a bit of a challenge