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Thursday, 16 August 2007


I got a phone call today from SCRAPBOOKING MEMORIES... I have been short listed for the Masters entries!!! there were hundreds and hundreds of entries and I have been short listed! It is the final one hundred that have to post their entries to them. Guess what, I have to post my entries! Oh did I tell you I have been short listed for the Masters????? Hahahah sorry I am sooooo excited..... Luv Jen xxx


Cath said...

Yeah Jen I new you would make it you go girl. I'm so exited for you.
I'm here just trying to get myself up and going for.... Feral Friday tomorrow night yay!!

Sharon Manning said...

I am doing the most stupid happy dance for you lovely lady....I wish you could see me! LOL
CONGRATULATIONS and they would be mad not to select you for their team. GOOD LUCK

Alli said...

oh how exciting for you jen!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! good luck jen that is so fantastic!

ATCLindaB said...

I am bowing down to you oh great one :)

Cath said...

Hello Jenny....yep I will be there tomorrow. Sorry I lost your mobile number.