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Thursday, 21 February 2013

"Sisters" - Megs Garden Papers

I know! ...  I know! ... I have been away for ages from my blog !

I havent said much because its not my "story" to tell, but my gorgeous Sister-In-Law is a very very very sick lady.  We have nearly lost her so many times now - she never gives in and even when faced with one of the most difficult decisions to make ever she keeps smiling and is one of the most POSITIVE people I know. 

My Brother (Greg aka Frog!) and Her  (Pam)   have been together for years and years - like 17 or something like that BUT never made it official UNTIL 23rd December !!! Yayyyy they got MARRIED - It was such a heartwarming BEAUTIFUL ceremony.  I take my hat off to my brother - when he makes his mind up he just "gets in done"  - Him and Pams mum arranged the wedding in 4 days ! Special circumstances letters and authorities etc to be gotten - the whole BIT !  

I dont mind telling you that when I walked up to say congrats to them and Pam said
"its my Sister- Officially Sisters"
I cried like a baby (who has not been feed for a day) !!

SO - this layout is for you my Darling "Sister"

I have used the Stunning Megs Garden Papers

Caged Damask

French Garden Collection
I have used two sheets and 3Ded the flowers and the cage - these papers
are MADE for layers and layers !
The Dusty in Bloom flowers can also be found at Megs Garden
Until next time - which is really soon
 (I have a mini book made with ONE piece of paper - tutorial soon)
Thanks for stopping by
Jen xox


Michelle Rigg said...

Its a BEAUTIFUL LO Jen..and you made me CRY too XX

Tone-Lill said...

What a beautiful story about the marrige, but sad at the same time. This LO is adorable, it takes some strength to create a page like this, you have sone a great job in every way
Hugs x

jasann said...

What a beautiful layout, what a wonderful thing to do for your dear sis - thanks for sharing - wishing you, your sis and bro all the best in the future and hope you sis regains her health