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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

PMS - April "Dream come True"

I know - I know - I am a month behind with uploading this pic !! - BUT I have this months to come tomorrow ! This was a dream come true !!! - To Meet SHANNON NOLL and get his autograph THEN got it tatooed on the next day ! - He is such an awesome down to earth "Aussie bloke" - "sigh" yes he is a dream alright !!! One of My BFF's Sharon and I had a pact that if we ever met him this is what we would do - It was so EXCITING sitting with her the next day getting our tattoo's done together - Love her lots xoxox THEN I was lucky enough to see him again (in EVERY concert he does in Perth!!) and got him to autograph my photo as well !!! (YEP I'M A GROUPIE)

Will be back tomorrow OR even later this afternoon Luv Jen xox


Tina said...

Gorgeous your passion :)When you believe in something or someone xx