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Thursday, 9 February 2012



IM SO EXCITED !!!!! I love ATC's and to add my most favorite chippy is even more awesome ....

Definition: Artist Trading Cardsare little miniature works of art. The only common feature about an ATC is the size – they are 2.5" by 3.5". These cards can be decorated in a variety of ways, the only limit is your imagination.

ATCs are swapped with other crafters and is a great way to practice new techniques and experiment with different materials. It is so inspiring when you get to see the other artists work up close and personal, especially when you get to keep them.

These swaps will be structured into groups of 8, you decorate the front of 8 cards (9) if you would like to keep one of your own. Then the card information and your details go on the back of each card.
The 8 cards you create then get posted to the host, who will be Jenny Burns who will post you 8 atc's back from 8 different artists.

There will be a new theme posted at the beginning of each month that you can sign up for. Your 8 cards for each theme can be all identical OR you can have 8 original cards that are all 1 of 1's inside of that months theme.

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ATC Requirements:

size - 2.5" by 3.5" (standard trading card sizing)

Numbering Your Collection - number your collection
my example shows three ATC's in the theme of time ... they are all the same as each other so they are numbered 1 of 3 ... 2 of 3 and 3 of 3
If I had done ten of them they would be 1 of 10 etc...

The other example is a one off ATC so that is numbered 1 of 1 OR you can also state "Original"
We have these Dusty Attic Information Back Sheets available for you to print off and use if you wish. See the attached files below for both the Numbered ATC's and the Limited Edition ATC's.

Alternatively you can type up your own back sheet or you can purchase ATC Back Stamps as well.
Because it is a Dusty Attic ATC Swap you will be REQUIRED to have some of DA Chippy on there
However it can be a portion of one of our MANY ranges - eg- a piece of fence or some florishes/borders cut up or some chicken wire etc etc etc
Dusty Attic has a great range of new Dusty Attic Mini's that are just perfect for your ATC's. You can see the new Hour Glass Mini's on the ATC's Jenny has on the cards above. You can see more of the Mini's that are available HERE

Your Details - Other information required on the back is

Your Name
Theme of the card

(I also add which is not a requirement)
My blog or email address
Person who is hosting the swap (DUSTY ATTIC)

All ATC's will be posted to Jenny Burns

Jenny Burns
8 Gausson Turn
Ashby WA 6065

Please include a Stamped Self Addressed Envelope with your ATC's so that the new ATC's can be posted back to you.
All you need to do now is sign up for each Swap in that Months Post in this Forum and have your ATC's posted to Jenny by the end of that month!
We hope you pick up a few new techniques and ideas from these swaps!!!
Have fun sharing!