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Monday, 9 January 2012

CSI - Colour Inspiration - *** NEW***

This is exciting - CSI is a new Challenge colour blog - using awesome images as inspiration. Dusty Attic are the very first sponcers for this awesome site!!! AND I am one of guest designers, along with Mistra and Michelle.

Check Out all the Information and join ... HERE !!!

The fist "Case File"

My Layout .... - Even Mums can be silly and muck up a professional photo shoot LOL - I am doing "bunny ears" behind Drews head (he would NOT fit on my lap anymore either !) That gorgeous paper that I have misted is of corse from Tomorrows Memories
(they are having awesome sales at the moment as well !!!)
Lacing Tash DA0660
Bare Tree #2 DA0091
Family word DA 0533
I can hear you asking " what about that fountain ??? " That is one of the new new new 2012 first releases (a sneek for you)
Wax Bird is from a mould by "Moulds by Mel"
Cant wait now until next weeks reveal

Jen xox