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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Kyden ... He is finally here :o)


My Sis and Him both scared us all a little bit - She was really not well at all and neither was he (low low low heart rate) and when they did the ultra sound they found he had hardly any fluid around him

After much monitoring etc, Bel was moved to Kind Edward Hospital where after ten minutes they decided to "get him out"
I only just got there before they cut her open !
And he had the cord around his neck twice as well - so very lucky they decided on a c section
Absolutley amazing experience - I held his beautiful little hand at five mins old !!!

All are well today (Tuesday!) and I get to cuddle him tonight !
and of corse MORE PHOTOS

Will be back soon with a layout I have done of my Mum when she was 16!

Thanks for popping in
Luv Jen xox


Anonymous said...

he really is so precious Jen and I am glad you got to share the most amazing experience. so glad all has had a happy ending xxx

Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

awwww... newborn photos are just so gorgeous. Gives me the mummy shivers. Have a great cuddle. x