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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Floods and Fires

To all those affected and families my heart goes out to you

I know I said in yesterdays post that I will be putting up some pics of my artwork but I cant bring myself to do with the Floods that have claimed lives in Toowoomba QLD and all the effected areas of flooding along with the fires here in Perth - that has claimed at least three houses with a whole lot more in danger and 100+ people being evacuated - It is a sad time in Australia at the moment.

It makes me so very "insert swear word" angry with the fires - SEVEN fires deliberatley lit in the same area! - Peoples whole houses are gone and with the heat here today and the winds who knows how many more because some Fkn bastard likes lighting fires !!!! One of my friends (Mistra) suggested they get charged with attempted murder - I totally agree with her - Whatever they get charged with is never enough to compensate for the loss and pain they cause - of corse that is if they get caught !




Lisa K said...

Its tragic to watchh - we seem to be living in a country of more and more extreme weather!!
I think arsonists should have all their possessions ignited!

Ana Cristina Caldatto said...

Também estamos enfrentando inundações em muitas regiões do nosso Pais Brazil,

e quanto ao incendiarios esperem que sejam punido!