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Monday, 6 September 2010

Using H2O's .....and a Happy Birthday

Hello everyone - the start of another new week, they seem to be going faster and faster heading towards christmas as fast as I can blink LOL

To my beautiful second born son STEVEN, Happy 16th Birthday my darling boy. It is only two weeks and three days until he heads of with the school to Japan for 10 days - He is going to have such a great time (I will miss him of corse).....

Have you ever wondered how to use those beautiful sparkling H2O's? That is what I am teaching this Saturday afternoon at Scraptivate. You should see all the beautiful new colours that Natalie has got in as well ( I would like to think it is because of my class but really it is beause they totally rock and are another great medium to use ). There is one femine card with a cute bird house and bird and a MAN card (YEp a man card LOL !!! ) as well with cogs.

Thanks for popping in and I will be back during the week, dont forget to phone Scraptivate on 9444 6626 to book in for my class :o)

Luv Jen


Karen said...

Hey Jen - hope you're doing ok. Love to meet you face to face sometime! Take care. Love Karen in Hyden.

Angie Delarie said...

Just popped in ..and I love ur blog!
I too have the same man obsession.
Isnt he just yum!hahah
Love and Skullies