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Monday, 2 August 2010

Headband - Class -Craft show - Movies - Broken heart

Hiya girls (waving)... What a weekend I have had ! - good and bad...
on Friday night my beautiful friend Mel came over and we created together, I made this head band which I love !!! -

note: photo taken at 1am on Mel's phone - and YES I am wearing my PJ's LOL!
Then on Saturday I worked at Scraptivate in the shop with MEL and then also taught the Linda Baldock inspired blooms to a wonderful bunch of ladies :o)...
Saturday night was horrible because Michael and his girlfriend split up and I spent a few hours with him on my bed just cuddled up to Mum, chatting - until 2am - a broken heart is a horrible thing to have and at nearly 17 is so much more dramatic, I wish there was some way to take that pain away from him - I know we all go through it and get up and move on but the first time is always the hardest - they have spoken etc now and are still "kind of together"not seeing each other as much etc though. (Im not entirely sure what that means LOL)
Sunday MEL and I went to the craft show (Mmmmm are Mel and I a couple ??? ROFL )
Wow what a great time we had, I bought a Teddy Bear kit (like I did 2 years ago) and spoke with the Doll making lady for ages and I think I might give that a go as well! - When I told Anthony he just smiled and nodded LOL - Or was that an eye roll ??? Sunday arvo Anthony and I went to the movies and saw "Centurion", lots of blood and gore for my hubby !!! - My pick next time (heheehehe watch out huni!)
This week I will be packing for my weekend away at a retreat - I cant wait
Thanks for popping in
J xox


Dawnie said...

luv the headban very girlie...just beautiful !!!
Hope your sone is feeling better and where is your camp ?
Take care
Dawnie T

Anonymous said...

Beautiful headband Jen!! Oh no, a broken heart is so hard to deal with and as a mum you just want to cocoon them and make them safe. I hope he is ok.xx