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Friday, 11 June 2010

HELLO ......

Well I know it has been ages since I have posted but lots has happened in that time.
Some artwork that I cant share yet, a short hospital stay put me up for a couple of weeks (small procedure)and then I have some crappy cough throat "thing" that attacks me more at night time then any other time, so I have been sleeping in one of our theatre room recliners for nearly two weeks now - I am sure hubby is happy - he has the bed all to himself........
Inbetween all of that I have seen one of my beautiful friends from Sydney (well she is a Perthite but moved there and needs to come home soon!!!) ... Linda Baldock

We did lots of catching up on a play night at her Mums house and then we had a Mega shop day together and I did two of her classes as well...
This is my flooded canvas (the theme is beach... It is going outside near my pool area whenever that gets done LOL ) ..

sorry about the photo, it was taken on my phone :-)

I also did the Flowers by Linda Baldock and she has graciously said yes to me teaching a class on them as well.... I WILL POST ABOUT THAT NEXT WEEK... stay tuned

I also had a wonderful day a few weeks ago looking after the best behaved kids I have ever watched. Beautiful couple Meg and Kev had a wedding to go to and so did Nett, so I put my hand up to babysit ..... Mitch the oldest is just amazing and did everything I asked him to do and more, Kassidy is a cheeky hugging machine, Eliza is a non stop talking little girly girl, I thought I had lost my hearing at one stage but it was just that Elli had fallen asleep LOL and who can forget Angus ? - He is soooo cute... Four beautiful kids to a wonderful couple xox

Also onto another passion of mine ------- MOVIES ....
Anthony and I went and saw ROBIN HOOD ... Omg I loved it (and no it has nothing to do with the fact my man RUSS is in it ...hehehe) If you get a chance it is worth seeing

SO - have a wonderful weekend everyone and next week I will be back with my flower class details and hopefull some creating I can share

Luv J xox