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Friday, 22 August 2008

WOW - I cant believe it has been over a week LOL

Busy busy busy.......

Michael got a stero for his birthday (he decided last night what he wanted) so this is now in his "cave" along with his double bed, desk, drawers, TV, XBox, 2 x bikes and his drum kit!!! - NO ROOM FOR ANYTHING MORE MICHAEL ! (he has a little track from the door to his bed - like you see on a bush walk, just wide enough to fit one human!) - I would like to add - Man I'm a good mum for letting his cave get like that !!! - MY MUM has a fit when she see's his room (and the others for that matter)

Friday night was crop night at Scraptivate, and had a great time as usuall. - BUT i forgot to take photos of my DT book that I did, "sob"- it is in the Scraptivate newsletter anyway IF you want to have a looksee.

Saturday - (after a sleep in) did a bit of housework.... then Saturday night I went to Julie Van Oosten's SURPRISE 50TH BIRTHDAY PARTY ... It was so much fun and hats off to Audrey and Maxine who had the HARD job of keeping her at the shop and THEN making excuses to get her to go home - they did well! The Inchies canvas (Julie's present) is just to die for (Yes I do have a pic of this - I will put it up tonight xxx)

Sunday - (after a sleep in- LOL) we helped Vikster move into a really really cute litte granny flat come unit attached to one of her friends houses. She has her own little Kitchen and lounge area, own bedroom (with built in robes) and a bathroom (ensuite type) this attaches to the house through the combined laundry - It is so nice !!! - Best thing is she is really happy there xxx

Sunday night I did a bit of creating - oh and I have pics of my circle journal (through Sharon to put up as well !!! - yep tonight (as I am at work at the moment)


Tonight just scrapping at home while Anthony and the two oldest are at BMX (freeeezzzzing mind you) - my baby boy stayes home with me! (Or do I stay home with him???)

Tomorrow (probably after a sleep in I would say) bit of house work.... then a visit to my Nan ... then off to play and create with Mel, Audrey, JVO and Maybe Max - (Im just a bit excited about this !!!)

Thanks for stopping by.... will post pics tonight xxx

Oh... I forgot to say that the new Cuttlebug stuff is out now - and OMG you should see the embossing spider web folder ( I had to cut it all out ) and the skull and cross bones die cut and the skull and florish embossing folder and the spider and bats die and and and...... you get the gist !!!

Luv Jen xxx


Anonymous said...

I am starting to get a bit slack on my blog! Haven't posted in a while. Have a great weekend. Love you!
Love Char xxx

Alli said...

sounds like you are having a bit of fun Jen, if I could stay awake past 9:30 I would come for a crop night but I am suck a piker these days, must get down and see the new stuff.

LOL.. I need a day time crop for old ladies like me

Cath said...

Hi Jen...update woman LOL

love Cath xxx