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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Michael's Birthday photos....


15 Candles ! (like what I did with the "glow" of the photo !!!)


"fox" is it - need the cap (which is stapled to his head) need the jumper (has to be a hoodie) of corse he has the BMX racing gear....

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I love the way this photo turned out..... very natural as we dont get to see alot of his face anyway LOL !!!

He is not very well actually - he has a bad cold/cough BUT he was a very good teenager this evening and didnt hibernate into his cave! My Mum and Dad came over and Mum in law for Dinner then, coffee and cake ... We of corse had lasagne and I made a chicken dish that Shelley made on Friday night, before we went to Tomorrows Memories for a crop night.

I finished my Design Team project for Scraptivate and it turned out really nice.. I will have to take photos of it on Friday night because I forgot before I handed it in ! - Of corse it is the 15th this Friday so you can see it on line with Scraptivates monthly newsletter! LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF CHA stuff starting to come in - Yummmmmmmmm

Thanks for calling by

Luv Jen xxx


Sharon Manning said...

15!!!!! I don't know what boys are like at 15 but I do know what girls are like......good luck!
Nah not really, you have 3 awesome boys Jen. Wish him a Happy Birthday from me!
Sharon xo

Cath said...

Happy 15th Birthday Michael...
yep good luck
Love ya Cath xxx

Char said...

I hope Michael had a great birthday, Happy 15th!
Have a good weekend, I am feeling so much better now!
Talk to you soon, Love Char xxoxox

Binxcat1 said...

Happy Birthday Michael! (Yes, I too have a hard time believing I am the Mum to a 16 y/o... jeez, he can get P Plates in a few months! GULP)... thanks for stopping by my blog and saying nice things about me chickie and YES, YES, YES! I so wanna see that boy version of the tree... so then I can lift it! ;) Brilliant idea!