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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Happy New Financial Year!!!

1st July - and I have my group cert already from Belmar !!! Anthony will be happy LOL! He loves to get our tax done ASAP! (Just have to wait for my other one now)

I have promised myself a new year resolution,and because it is the financial new year it is a financial resolution!!! Turn over a new leaf - (I even had a photo of a new leaf to post as well)

I need to be more organized when it comes to finances - and YES I have actually done a budget for myself starting tomorrow (payday), it is not an unrealistic one either... I just need to stick to it - like a reverse diet for my purse!

I also have to get my FUTURE finances in order, I have Westpac super and Chantec super and super that hasnt even been paid yet which I need to sort out ALL my names and get it transfered into my one account - I have super out there in my maiden name, 1st maried name and Burns -no wonder I havent tackled this until now! (My saving account is still in that "other" name! - you cant rush these things you know, Anthony and I have only been married 5 years! .. ha ha ha ha)

It is time to be a "Grown Up" and get sorted!

On another note, my Mummy and Daddy Bear (Grown Up I tell ya!) are home, which means so is my camera LOL!

Oh and not to forget ......

School holidays next week aaaarrrgggghhhhhhhhhh.......

Till next time Jen xxx



I am looking forward to school hols. No swimming classes, no dancing classes, no library roster,no rushing from one school (ellenbrook - starts 8-45am) to the other (Ballajura - starts 9am)! Give me the break!

Cath said...

July already!! how fast has that gone??? and 5 years Jen your still on your
Love ya lots Cath xxxxx