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Friday, 27 June 2008

Cant keep up .......

Today I helped pick out Year 11 subjects for this little boy...

OK, OK, OK, so it was for this one....

But to me he is the little boy in the first photo, the little one who couldnt pronounce his own name properley and called himself "Didal Wanloo", who crept into my room late at night and snuck in some cuddles before being put back to bed! Who loved Thomas the Tank Engine and Wiggles (now V8's and AC/DC). It was a really emotional day for me, where he on the other hand wasnt fazed at all. He wants to be a carpenter, so we are going to try and get him into the school Tafe program at Joondalup (lucky we live in Ashby). This means that he will do work experience one day a week as well, then he will be able to decide which kind of carpenter he wants to be! - Steven I think needs to be an electrician and Drew a plumber !!! I wanted one of them to be a STRAIGHT Hair Dresser BUT none of them would go for that! - You know how I love changing my hair styles - imagine having a hair dresser in the family - Woo hoo!! But a carpenter is close isnt it???

This little boy works at Garden Glow (Fruit and Veg place)Peeling Onions and packing Vegies and collecting trolleys

But he kind of looks like this when OTHER people look at him! LOL

So I had a little cry at my boys growing up - just more knotches to mark off - (I know there are heaps more)- I think I may need VALIUM and lots of it when these little babies of mine get their L's or god forbid bring a GIRL home - and my little little baby, who still gives me kisses and cuddles - the young one- is a teenager next year - but hey thats next year! LOL

I JUST CANT KEEP UP !!! - or perhaps I just dont want to!

Luv Jen xxx


Cath said...

Oh Jen they will always be your babies!! Just look at the big baby I have...LOL But the girlfriend thing can be a bit daunting. Just go with the flow chicken it's all fun.
Love ya Cath xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I love ya Jen!