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Thursday, 17 July 2008


I Love this photo of you and M !!! I am so glad you have a really strong bond with a great friend (his manners are perfect! LOL) I know this is why you like him ha ha ha ha............


Having a Hot Chocolate with your Mate that stayed over the night...


Happy to be 12!!! ( teenager next year )


"THE MOUNTAIN BIKE" - nearly as big as he is LOL

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Of course you can do this on it....... plus many many more things - I mean just look at those shock absorbers!!!

Tomorrow night is Crop night at Scraptivate... It is so much fun, I never laughed so much last week, we had a debate arms or legs??? sorry it was def a Location joke, Popcorn aka Hotdogs!!! spilt the Milk everywhere it was even dripping off her glasses, and I loved the way Chrissie her very best friend jumped up to help her - NOT! She just sat in hysterics as well .... Looking forward to seeing the girls again........... Then back there bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to teach the next morning

My next class is a Keepsake chest - mmmmmmmmm it is so nice.... can share soon

Luv Jen xxx


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Drew, glad you had a great day and what an awesome present!
Can't wait to see your keepsake chest,I bet it is gorgeous.
See you later!

Cath said...

Happy Birthday Drew I to Hope you had a great birthday and enjoy your new bike....
I wanna see the keepsake chest to
Love Cath xxxx