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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Long Week End

Friday night was spent with the "girls", we watched PS - I Love You and I cried AGAIN! - However this time I HAD TISSUES - Shelley!!! - (Shelley has tissues and never shares!) - that was a fun night and we should do it more often xxx And it was really really nice to see Nikki Whoop Whoop Bird

Saturday was a lazy day at home, I did some scrapping and watched the Eagle boys get their great looking butts kicked!!! PJ's all day! Finished my Design Team Project (will put pics up later)

Sunday I met Char at Scraptivate for a spending spree (Char out did me though!) - oooohhh I know I keep saying it but I Luv Scraptivate - they have new stuff ALL the time.... so that meant of corse that I scrapped when I got home - after we had coffee and scones of corse.... I Luv ya Char xxx

Monday I cleaned up the house changed the sheets, towels, did some washing etc so that I could of corse Scrap last night as well..... PJ's all day!

I must say a BIG thank you to Shell my Belle (she knows why!!!) Luv you too xxxx

I cant miss out Cath, Vik, Sharon - Luv you toooooo xxxxx

Check ya later ..... Jen xxx


Cath said...

We had a great time Jen...and we love you to xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

It was a fantastic weekend wasn't it.
And the unplanned trip to Scraptivate was great too. At least my Masters headache has stopped! I am laying low for the next month!
Love you heaps, Love Char xxx


Anytime just J. all you have to do is ask.