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Friday, 13 June 2008

Catch Up Night

Woo - Hoo - It is crop night tonight (yes an off week because they are booked up - until September now!) I Luv catching up with the girls. Not a lot to share at the moment, nothing much happing in our household (besides the ├╝sual!) Michael has a meeting in the next few weeks about a carpentry apprenticeship! He has work experience at the Bike shop all next week - he will be in his element! Steven has a part time job at Garden Glow the fruit and veg place in Joondalup, he loves it - of corse we have to run around dropping him off and picking up etc poor thing hasnt been paid yet! He wants to work Sundays as instead of $6.15 per hour he gets $12.30! (he not silly LOL)

Drew's birthday is next month - what does he want? actually what do all three of them want?????? Yep, when you have a BMX bike and and a normal bike and Michael has a road bike as well - what else do you need - Yep you got it a - MOUNTAIN BIKE !!! We will need to build a new garage on just to fit all the bikes in !!! - Do the Math - 3 Boy children x three bikes each - 9 plus M's road bike and of corse Anthony has one = 11! 11 bikes!!!! and they want me to get one - not bloody likely! ha ha ha ha - like there isnt enough of them for me to ride one anyway !

Have a wonderful weekend, Go EAGLES - they have a chance of winning tonight!

Luv Jen xxx