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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Thank you

Thanks everyone for all your Birthday wishes xxx Anthony and I went out for tea as my boys are in Mandurah staying at my Aunty Vick's place (and they are having a great time)

I know I havent up-dated for awhile but I'm sorry I have been busy (among other things!)

This is the layout that I promised from two posts ago!

This is a clipping out of the newspaper about MY DAD - I am so proud of him, he is a Lawn Bowls Coach and goes to Singapore etc BUT this is a photo with some of his "ladies" as he is the State Womens Coach.......

Last Sunday was spent with lots of friends at Sharon Mannings Scappy Sunday crop, as usual it was a really really good day - we did the ATC swap as well and I must say they were all georgeous - Thanks again Sharon for a wonderful day and my pressie for my birthday xxx

If you want to go to one you need to check out and join in the fun xxx

The Scraptivate newsletter came out the 15th of this month (you can set your clock by it!!!) 15th of every month or actually sometimes early and it is the 14th!
Anyway I tell you this because - I am in it :-) and also there are some awesome classes going on there - check it out - Maxine's Village is to die for xxx

Julie Van Oosten has outdone herself again and got some new new new papers and the little house kits come in two sizes as well - I cant wait to get some creating done (now I am feeling a bit better) go check out her blog and Natalie from Scraptivate has done some beautiful houses on her blog as well.

I promise it wont be as long before I post again!

Luv Jen xxx


Cath said...

Well done Jen you updated!! we'll have to excuse you because you've been unwell....And so you should be proud of your dad state coach that's fabulous....and thanks for the update on Julie's collections I just love her stuff.
Love ya lots Cath xxxx

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! A new post!Anyway I can't talk, I have been just as bad! Lol!
The scraptivate newsletter gets better and better each month!And it's even more exciting to see our good friend Jen in it. I am so looking forward to making the village.
Love you, Char xxx

Cath said...

Jen.. Rob has only just remembered to tell me you rang Saturday morning!!
You have my permission to slap him...I'll ring you Monday night!!
love ya Cath xxx