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Thursday, 14 February 2008

WooHoo - Teaching again

I'm so excited, Natalie from Scraptivate has asked me If I would like to teach there - WOULD I ???? OF COURSE - We havent worked out all the details of when etc... But I am teaching a version of MY HOUSE BOOK (from MY Masters entry) along with a few other things I have been doing/done.... How EXCITING.... I will update my blog again soon with some ATC and art journal pages that I have done.. luv Jen xxx


vicki said...

thats fantastic jen.. congrats!! I think teaching your HOUSE book will be excellent. You put so much effort and creativeness into that book, i think its great and you can teach again!!! Woo hoo... go honey pie!!


Cath said...

Well it's about time you updated.
Teaching!! you were born to teach I'm so happy for you. I think you'll be right at home at Scraptivate and the ladies will love ya
luv Cath xxx

kelsey said...

woo-bloody-hoo Jen!!! Glad to have you on board, you fellow-teacher you!!! lol

Anonymous said...

What can I say Jen, you are an inspiration to me and your work is amazing. Your house book was just beautiful. I am so happy for you and Natalie and her team at Scraptivate are just awesome. How proud you must be to be part of THE team! You deserve it! Love Char xx

nikki bird said...

fully sick jenny your a great teacher lot's a fun if i b a bad student r ya gonna spank me lol