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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

This is what happens when......

Your thumb doesn't heal properly, Michael is very lucky he doesn't have to have his bone re-broken and re-set!!!!! He does have to wear this for another two weeks though! A new one only to his wrist. What happens in two weeks time???? Well we will just have to see if the bone has moved back into place and he can move properly IF not then he may need it broken etc etc etc.... they don't want to do this, one for the obvious reasons and two because his break is soooo close to the growth plate and he still has a little growing to do (whoa- ha already 6ft 2!!) he will end up with one thumb smaller than the other IF they don't get it right!

On a more positive note, I started my new job today, I LUV IT, it was also really good to see my Mum. I have my own office, so when Carly leaves (the girl who is training me) I already have plans on where I can put some of my layouts or OTP stuff LOL! I am leaving the draw for the 100 post competion until Friday- sorry you will have to wait until then xxx Luv Jen xxx


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so glad you are enjoying your job. Your own office eh, how exciting and yes if I had an office I would be filling it with layouts too!
I hope everything will be ok with Michaels thumb, I guess will time will tell. It sounds like he has great doctors looking after him.
Have a good day, Love Char xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I must be half asleep! I keep making mistakes on all my comments this morning!

Sharon Manning said...

Glad the job is going well Jen, you will be Manager soon and have a bigger office!
I hope the outcome is good for Michael's thumb. Kids eh!
Catch you soon.
Sharon xx

nikki bird said...

ohh your poor little baby lot's of kisses will make it better.
wow your own office you posh bitch lol love ya mwa