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Monday, 21 January 2008

Art Journal

This is my Art Journal (prompted by words from Emily Falconbridge) or I have named mine 2008 Journey.

Front cover......

This is one of my new stamps (coloured with Glimmer Mists)

Commit (ment)

Feel..... this photo is of Charlene and I on my last day of teaching! I so was upset, and then she gave me this wonderful card that she made for me, for everyone to sign.... these tears are of gratitude and love, tears flow when the body FEELs such intense emotion it cant keep it in itself!

Cant wait for the next word now......EDIT - NEW WORD IS CONNECT


Cath said...

What can I say?????
They are gorgeous!! you inspire me my friend.
And yes I remember the commit LO and I apologize please forgive me??
(Hey I'm 50 f@#%&*g 2)

but I did not see the cover it's Fabulous I love it.

Cath xxxxxx

nikki bird said...

wow jenny your great love em all we will have to arange our own night to see all these journal together it's so much fun love ya see ya mwa