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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Whoa....A great start.....

What a week! I had the best of intentions this week to finish off lots of stuff and get organized - hahahah. I have not been well all week and with working as well have just had the stuffing knocked out of me! Vik came over last night to help me get some technique books packed and ready to post (I should have done this weeks ago!) We didn't get it done! Michael and Steven went to BMX and when they got home Michael was bandaged up here there and everywhere. He came off his bike!!! So off to Emergency we go - there is St Johns Ambulance there who did a report saying they thought his hand needed X-Raying. Well he has a bad fracture in his thumb BUT it was way too swollen to do anything with SO he has to have it elevated way high on his shoulder (above the heart) to get the swelling down so he can have it plastered tomorrow (another day at the emergency! Yay - even though we have a return report we still have to wait)BUT then Plastics from PMH have been faxed because of where it is in his thumb and because it is his right hand - so he has to see them next week sometime in case he needs surgery! First day of school Holidays - No Swimming Pool- No Bike- No Basket Ball- No Video gaming! OMG he is going to be so bored! He is not too bad, just in a lot of pain and aches everywhere - his helmet is banged up = but thats better than his head! Thanks for calling in Jen xxx


Cath said...

Oh no.....Jen I think you will have to wrap that boy up in cotton wool...Poor little man!!

What a dreadful week you have had.
Keep your chin up chicken and if there is anything I can do just SHOUT.
Sending you loads of hugs and kisses
Love ya Cath xxxxxx

Sharon Manning said...

When you are sick something always happens doesn't it? Your poor boy but lucky boy by the sounds of it. Does he read? Maybe some books will occupy him a little, or DVD's.
I hope you and he are feeling better real soon.
Love Sharon