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Monday, 31 December 2007


Well we say good bye to yet another year! I am so looking forward to the NEW YEAR, starting off with a new job, I have a list of things for myself to do in 2008 as well !!! (yes Sharon a list LOL.) Alot of it includes spending time on our house BUT most of it is SPENDING TIME WITH MY FAMILY and FRIENDS. My boys are getting older and older and in a few years time will be out with their mates etc,,,, so I want to spend as much QUALITY time with them as I can before they all disappear! Anthony and I had a really great week end in Busselton as well, we are both just relaxing, having fun, being together before work starts again! He only has two weeks back at work then he has three weeks off anyway! Two weeks with the boys (they are going camping) then he goes to stay with Christian and Phil for nine days. Anyway I have heaps of photos to share etc, - Next Year!!! LOL, Luv Jen xxx


vicki said...

Happy New year honey pie.

Another year. Hope you have a great one.. see u in a few weeks.

love always


Char said...

Happy New Year Jen, thanks for a lovely evening and a massive thank you for my special present.Lots of love, Charlene xx

Cath said...

Happy Happy New Year.
It was a great night and thank you.
It's going to be a cracker of a year I can feel it....
Love ya xxxxx