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Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Up date etc...

Well like every one else the last few weeks have been really busy. We went to Jodie's Hen's night which is where I left you last! It was so much fun, Nicky (her sister) did a great job organizing it and Man can she make a wicked Cocktail! Yes had quite a few of them.

And look at Jodie here..Just like Cinderella!... It was one of the most nicest weddings I have been to. (We were even asked if we wanted seconds for the main meal),

And Nicky ... She is so beautiful (inside and Out !)

Cath looked just georgeous and was so proud of her "baby" getting married.

And MY wonderful Hubby - Looking good in a suit (yes I am quite partial to a man in a suit - Its just one step away from a uniform isnt it??? LOL)


Sharon Manning said...

It looks like the wedding was just beautiful Jen, but no photo of you?
What's that about? Cath looks gorgeous too and I can't imagine (yet) what emotions she was going through that day.