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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

My last day

Well tomorrow is my last day at The Scrapbook Shop, it will be a really sad day, Not as sad as yesterday was - my last day teaching the after school class but, Look what the girls gave me - The Britany Spears perfume is from Jesse, Georgia, Sophie and Shannon, the Chocolate Lip Balm from the Choc factory is from Taylor and the flowers and lollies are from Breanna (and of corse their Mums!). Charlene and Cath were there taking photos, you should see the ones on Caths blog OMG funny as!!! and the ones on Charlenes blog are really good as well. I am still going to the Friday night crops and the 12 hour crops - I told Jo that I am going to be her worst customer LOL - I want Pelican paper and I want it now hahahaha....

I want to thank all my Friends and customers for a wonderful time at the shop. I have made some really great friends and will treasure you all for years and years to come. sob xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

You deserve it all Jen, you were a huge positive to the shop, your beaming smile and wonderful personality will be missed. One day to go! I will see you tomorrow,
Love Char xxx

Cath said...

Jen the shop will never be the same. I am going to miss just popping in to say hi and having our chats. You are an inspiration to us all. See you tomorrow
Love ya
Cath xx

Sharon Manning said...

One chapter is closing and another one is opening....I think no matter what you choose to do Jen you will enjoy doing it...that's YOU! Good luck with your new ventures and everything will work out in the end.
See you soon.
Love Sharon